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learn civil engineering online

learn civil engineering online

learn civil engineering online

Main Contents of the course:

This course is designed to take you from level 4 to level 6 and include the following topics:
►  Engineering: Definition, Model, Function, Steps
►  Engineering Skills: Numerical, Analytical, Creative, and IT
►  Mechanics of Materials: Stress, Strain, Bending, Failure, Shear, Deflection
►  Structural Analysis and Design: Theories, Loading, Analysis, Codes, and Details
►  Cement and Concrete Technology: Design, Additives, Testing, and Curing
►  Reinforced Concrete Structures: Loading, Analysis, Design, Codes, Details
►  Steel Technology: Characteristices, Production, Behaviour, Applications
►  Steel Structures: Loading, Analysis, Design, Codes, Details
►  Wood Technology: Characteristices, Production, Behaviour, Applications
►  Wooden Structures: Loading, Analysis, Design, Codes, Details
►  Aluminum and Glass: Technology, Structure, Design, and Construction.
►  Soil Mechanics: Characteristics, Types, Classification, Treatment
►  Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures
►  Foundations: Pad, Strip, Raft, Deep Foundations
►  Prefabricated and Prestressed Structures: Applications, Advantages, Design
►  Structural Works in Practice: Site preparation, Earthworks, Structural Works
►  Water/damp proofing and Thermal insulation
►  Masonry: Systems, Design, Applications

Learn Civil Engineering Online COURSES AND CONTENTS

۞   Civil Engineering

              The main units of this online course are :
                Assessment 1.
                Assessment 2.
                Introduction to Engineering.
                Engineering Skills.
                Introduction to Civil Engineering.
                Mechanics of Materials.
                Soil Mechanics.
                Fluid Mechanics.
                Hydraulic Structures.
                Cement Technology.
                Concrete Technology.
                Steel Technology.
                Wood Technology.
                Aluminum Technology.
                Glass Technology.
                Aluminum and Glass Structures.
                Water-damp proofing.
                Thermal insulation .
                Reinforced Concrete Design.
                Reinforced Concrete Structures.
                Steel Design.
                Steel Structures.
                Wood Design.
                Wooden Structures.
                Foundations: Pad, Strip, Raft.
                Deep Foundations.
                Prefabrication in Building.
                Prestressed Structures.
                Structural Works in Building.
                Structural Analysis and Design.
                Training 1.
                Training 2.
                Final Exam.

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Learn Civil Engineering Online

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WHY Learn Civil Engineering Online?

  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
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  No uniform, No rigid rules and procedures.
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  It's your own life: Relax, Learn, Practice, Enjoy.
  High quality mutiedia interactive education.
  Worked Examples and Practical Applications.
  Real-time Exercizes and Assessment System.
  Interactive enjoyable educational materials.
  Immediate corrected answers and final results.
  Monitor your progress and Control your time.
  Very Simple, Flexible, and Easy way to learn.

Learn Civil Engineering Online aims to provide:

☼  A comprehensive education and training system that overcomes most of the barriers currently facing potential students around the world

☼  A distance learning system where the written material is reinforced by online Audio/Video lectures with full student support brought into the comfort of your home

☼  A thorough theoretical background supported by practical examples of real projects where practice gives a broader understanding of the theory

☼  High quality online courses opening the gate for further advanced studies and connecting students with international professional organisations and awarding bodies

☼  A solution tailored to every student, away from the rigid rules and procedures, minimizing obstacles and maximizing the chances of success

Learn Civil Engineering Online is a new model of training and education that overcomes most of the barriers currently facing potential students such as:

1- Location: The student can now VIEW the highest quality of video lectures from home

2- Time: The student is no longer tied to a rigid schedule of lectures, which can now be viewed at any time

3- Finance: Minimal cost considering the quality and flexibilty of the system.

4- Language: If English is not your first language, you can start your educational journey with the very powerful Literacy and Numeracy online course. Moreover, other languages will be introduced soon

5- Entry requirements: We do not apply the rigid rules and procedure for Admission. Very simple and easy steps to get started.

6- Quality of the materials: We guarantee that every student will receive the highest quality of education including both the theoretical and practical sides

7- No basic qualifications? You can start at a lower level educational courses online that will take you to the level where you can understand higher level courses.

Learn Civil Engineering Online is a branch of the ''GREEN COLLEGE LIMITED'': Incorporated in England and Wales, in 2009, Company No. 7061925

Learn Civil Engineering Online COURSES' LEVELS

level typical age typical year school years equivalent to
1 6
Primary Education : Year 1
Primary Education : Year 2
Primary Education : Year 3
Primary School
years 1-3
2 9
Primary Education : Year 4
Primary Education : Year 5
Primary Education : Year 6
Primary School
years 4-6
3 12
Secondary Education : Year 1
Secondary Education : Year 2
Secondary Education : Year 3
Secondary School
years 7-9
4 15
Secondary Education : Year 4
Secondary Education : Year 5
Secondary Education : Year 6
Secondary School
years 10-12
5 18
Foundation Year
Higher Education : Year 1
Higher Education : Year 2
High Diploma
years 0,1,2
6 21
Higher Education : Year 3
Higher Education : Year 4
Higher Education : Year 5
Higher Education
years 3-5
7 24
Masters Level : Year 1
Masters Level : Year 2
Masters Level
years 1-2

Please note that this chart is only to give you an idea of how do these levels compare to some scales in general terms. It does not mean any sort of technical or other similarity. Such details are provided for each course separately in its relevant page. They might also differ from country to country.

Learn Civil Engineering Online STRUCTURE OF THE COURSES

All the courses are divided into units. Each unit contains a number of points. The units are linked in such a way so as to maximize the benefits of the course.

The unit can be:
A series of video lectures. Each is followed by a number of exercises
An exercise: which contains a number of question related to the topic
A test: normally a multiple choice test that covers a number of units

As a general guide, the student is expected to spend between 1 to 2 hours on each unit.

In order to finish the course, you have to do all its units, one after another.

Learn Civil Engineering Online CALENDAR / TIME TABLE

Simply, there is NO calendar or time table !!!

You decide when and where to start a course !!!

You plan your own time table to suit your own needs.

Learn Civil Engineering Online ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

Simply, there are NO rigid rules to apply !!!

No entry requirements or application forms !!!

As long as you have the basics that make you understand the study materials and make use of them, you are free to start the course you wish at the level you want. It is your own responsibility to take the right decision.

However, we provide a guideline about the sort of subjects and levels at which you ought to be in order to be able to succeed in your study.

How to start learn civil engineering online ?

You will need a computer and internet

Click 'START' : 'REGISTER', then 'LOG IN'

Select your course and add it to your profile

Go to your profile and start your course

Watch the video lecture and worked examples

Attempt the provided training questions

if you made a mistake, you will be corrected

complete your course unit by unit

Learn, Practice, Enjoy !!!


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learn civil engineering online
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